Rock Painting

Two things Luz, my ten-year-old, absolutely adores are art and nature, so I’m trying to fill our summer days with lots of both. A few weeks ago I was in a Hallmark store, and I saw a selection of painted stones for sale. What a great project idea, I thought. This was an art activity that would incorporate nature, and would be more exciting than Luz’s everyday pencil or pen drawings on paper.

Luz couldn’t wait to get started rock painting. She immediately ran outside and gathered a few rocks from the backyard, trying to stick to ones with a smoother surface. She washed them with soap and water and let them dry, which really didn’t take long. We didn’t have a great selection of paints, and I thought a paintbrush would be tricky to use on rocks, so we used some Bic permanent markers I had on hand. These are similar to Sharpies, and I think the quality is comparable.

She colored a few rocks, and was surprised and impressed when I showed her that one of them looked very similar to paintings by Joan Miró.

Meanwhile, I’d been frantically googling rock painting, and I read over and over again that the best paints to use were UniPosca paint markers. I told Luz that I was going to buy those, and she decided to hold off on painting more rocks until we had them.

The UniPosca markers arrived the other day, and they are fantastic. Not that the permanent markers weren’t great; they were. But using paint instead of ink gave us more vibrant colors, and allowed us to use light colors, even on darker colored rocks.

My 14-year-old, Zeke, joined in, and he and Luz spent hours painting all kinds of pictures and designs on rocks of all sizes. Llani, my 17-year-old, joined them for a bit, and turned a large rock into some sort of reptilian creature. I even got in on the fun and painted a little rainbow against a blue sky.

We still have over a dozen rocks left to paint, and the kids keep coming up with ideas. I’m going to spray a sealer onto our finished rocks so they’ll last longer and be weatherproof, and then we’ll have to decide what to do with them all!

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  1. Mod podge (sp?) might also work as a sealer if you have it on hand. This is a great idea, I hope my apartment complex doesn’t notice missing rocks! 😁

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